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A wedding and portrait photographer with a heart that loves serving others.

hi friend,

I'm april!

I am a digital and film photographer based out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama who loves to travel in order to capture life's most incredible moments through heirloom imagery.

There are old photos I have taken as a child of family trips across the USA to simple moments of my dogs sleeping on my bed. My passion to create and remember has always been there, so much so that for my 21st birthday I asked for a camera. Just four short months later I was asked to photograph a wedding. I have loved wedding planning and celebrations for as long as I can remember (I thought I would sell wedding dresses!), but I knew this was the door I had been waiting for in front of me.

As someone who majored in Spanish and education in college, I am a firm believer in always learning. In 2020, I decided to purchase a film camera (ya girl jumped into the deep end and bought a medium format Contax 645) in order to learn a new medium. 
But my favorite thing to note about film... Film photography is in my family history through my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother. My late grandfather was known by family members and friends to always have a Polaroid camera on hand. I remember the joy when he would hand us the Polaroid image, and that is how I want my clients to feel too!

On the other side of my family is my grandmother who photographed weddings on the side with a 35mm camera. Every ounce of my heart loves the passing down through generations of the passion of photography as well as heirloom imagery. My grandmother is the first person I now love to show my film images to after I receive them. If you look at my logo, the tea leaf is a nod to my grandmother for the countless tea parties we shared in my childhood. Although she never pursued photography full time, she reminds me of how important photos are to capture and print. If you walked into her home today then you would see countless family photos from all stages of life. If you walked into mine, you would see the same. In my service, I incorporate both Polaroids and film photography to nod to the passing of timeless photos from one generation to the next. 

From a young age, I remember always wanting to hold tight to such fleeting moments. 

With that first wedding at the age of 21, I knew I found my outlet to serve. I absolutely loved it, and I knew it was something I was created to do. I was created to create - which has been a beautiful glimpse of being a daughter of the Author of Creation and created in Christ's image.

My hope is to gift heirloom imagery that tells your story and evokes emotion to be shared from one generation to the next and to serve with endless love as if your photos were my own.

my favorite things:


places i've been

My favorite places that I have traveled to are Spain, Utah, and Israel! ...and Italy, Hawaii, and Charleston! ...and obviously any beach! I LOVE to travel!



Definitely my Contax 645. It is something I saved for but also allowed me to create in ways I never imagined. However, my baby T2  stays in my purse and has captured special moments in my life. 



Walking on UA's campus or spending time with friends and family!


Pre-wedding meal

CHICK-FIL-A & DIET COKE. Did you know that my family built and owned two Chick-fil-a's? ...or that I have an Instagram highlight for Diet Coke? Haha!



One of my favorite memories is performing in the opening number for the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade followed by walking the parade route! It is something I will never forget. 


part of my job

Being able to travel and capture real moments for people who become so dear to my life.

the aw client

values love,
the details, and 
timeless imagery.

If an intentional experience that values love, the details, and timeless imagery speaks to your heart — and are drawn to the light-filled feel of my work — let's chat more my friend! I'm so excited to serve you in your season of life through capturing images that you will love for a lifetime!



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