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Community over competition. After having other photographers take the time to invest in teaching me photography skills, I've had the opportunity to sit down with other photographers and answer all of their questions. Although I can't be present with every single creative mind reading this, I wanted to share my business secrets and resources. To some, sharing the secrets of their business sounds crazy, but helping and serving others truly is one of the biggest parts of my heart. Even if we serve the same type of clients, I will always choose community over competition.



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These are the tools that have helped my business flow with ease. From creating contracts, invoices, and timelines to making sure all of my T's are crossed in my bookkeeping for my taxes... you are going to want to RUN (not walk!!) to these extraordinary resources!

The Resources


A stress free management system for contracts, invoices, payments, and all of your to-dos. Use "aprilwhineryphoto" to get 20% off your subscription!

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online management system


Simple, easy way to create your beautiful blog posts and publish them. Click below to get 15% off your plan!

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