I am SO exciting about your upcoming wedding! With that said, I believe it is admirable to give credit where credit is due as well as allow other vendors to see and share photos of their hard work.

I have created a vendor list inquiry in order for you to name the important people who are making your big day special!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me!

If vendors are still being determined, please write "pending" in the blank. If the vendor category is not applicable for your wedding, please write "none".

The other vendors and I appreciate the time you put into this inquiry!



April Whinery

April Whinery Photography




Name *
Tables, chairs, table cloths, decorations, etc.
Tuxes, suits, ties, shirts, belts, socks, cuff links.
Tuxes, suits, ties, shirts, belts, socks, cuff links.
If special shoes were purchased for bride and/or groom, please list.
Any service, store, designer, etc. that needs crediting and isn't listed above.